Maple Ridge Tennis Club



Tennis Season 2019 is here!!

Our courts were opened for the season on Saturday April 6th  2019.   Thanks to good weather, we had a great volunteer turn-out and this is the earliest we've been open in years.  Thank you to everyone that came out to help.

New combinations for the main gate and shed will be in place this year and all members will be informed of the combinations.  There are brooms in the shed.  We hope to have the courts blown off weekly by volunteer high school students which will help with the persistent pine needles.

 We will be running the Durham B league (Monday evenings,) Durham C (Wednesday evenings,) Ladies competitive intercounty league (Tuesday mornings) and the Tuesday evening house league.  If you are interested in participating in any of these, or if you have questions about these leagues, please contact us and we will be happy to answer questions.

We are a small club which has the advantage of lots of free court time.  But, in combination with Amberlea Tennis Club, another club with only two courts, we are competitive in the leagues mentioned above.

Registration at our club is ongoing.  You can email us at or call Sue at 416-918-9776 or Linda at 905-839-4519. 

Because Rosebank is having some work done on their courts, we will be allowing Rosebank members to use our courts during May and June and some junior and senior lessons will be ongoing on our courts.  Times will be posted on this site by next week (these will start in May) and on the bulletin board at the courts.  Maple Ridge members will be welcome to join in these lessons.  This is a great opportunity for juniors as the coach running these programs is very experienced.  His information and website will be posted shortly.

We hope everyone has a great upcoming tennis season.  As always, I will remind everyone that this tennis club is a volunteer, non-profit organization.  We appreciate any help, suggestions and advice for making our club the best it can be.

See you on the courts! 

Sue Mathieson

MRTC Executive


About Us
Maple Ridge Tennis Club is a community organized tennis club located in Pickering.  With two hard-courts surrounded by Maple Ridge Neighborhood Park, our club offers a vibrant, fun and enjoyable experience for all tennis fans. 



Maple Ridge Tennis Club offers affordable membership rates for all levels of players.  For beginners wanting to take up a new hobby, or seasoned vets, our club has a program for you.  Join today!


Why Maple Ridge?

 Why pick Maple Ridge Tennis Club over other tennis clubs located in Pickering?  Court time!  Given the small size of our club, we can almost guarantee that playing time is available for all members wanting to play in leagues or just recreationally.  No more waiting!!

Volunteers Needed

Our club is ALWAYS looking for volunteers.  If you are interested in contributing to the local community, looking for High School volunteer opportunities or just interested in getting more involved in the sport of tennis, please reach out to us.  Volunteering for your community looks great on your resume and is a wonderful personal development opportunity.  

Opportunities are available for:

  • Court Maintenance 
  • Social/Tournament Coordinator
  • Executive Committee